Tectonic Articulation/Academic

We create a coherent system parametrically generating optimal construction based on the definition of the boundaries, environmental and functional requirements. Each element of the system is generated due to needs and atmosphere of the space that it is surrounding and  potentially is served as interior fixtures and furniture.

010_bedroom night.jpg

The structure consists of linear elements that articulate flow of the forces in the whole building; structure passes from the ceiling to the walls and the columns. The density of the structure is defined by the functional requirements such as open space or private space.
Computational design tools, such as Karamba and Grasshopper allow us to develop and optimize the structural system defined as ForceFlowFinder.

In this project, we manage to form a unified structure containing all architectural elements. After experimenting various iterations for our base network (as an input to be analyzed and optimized by Karamba), we use a voronoi-like algorithm to specify the relation of the programs and their individual architectural value. This network integrates all elements together, and is refined and optimized in the next steps of the process to result in a coherent unified structure that is merged into architecture. The same algorithm is applied on car and boat that becomes an element of INTEGRO.

«INTEGRO» is not a house or vehicle. It is an integration of modern technologies as a unified space.

Other Team Members: Jughwo Park, Jiri Vitek