Kinetic Morphologies

Academic 2015

The concept was developed by looking at earthworm’s motion mechanism and its performance. Our intention is to bring earthworm’s movement principles, such as correlation between segments and the internal muscular system behind it into an architectural domain.
The movement process is based on rhythmic contraction and expansion in two sets of longitudinal and transverse elements which
lead to a transformation phenomenon. This transformation is in our interest and we intend to simulate and translate it in an architectural context and accommodate different scenarios, by creating a mechanism which through its movement could cover various functional configurations. This idea of correlation between internal structure and movement leads us to the approach of how to implement our proposal.
We take existing structure of the design museum and embed a system which is able to reconfigure itself through crawling vertically from the floor to the ceiling and change programmatic layouts. Multiplying the number of designed elements to cover the interior space based on a grid and their collaboration and interaction with each other and users, enables us to define different scenarios and functions to be fulfilled in the design process. Various combinations of profiles and modes will intensify spatial organization. Movement
in our proposal becomes a mechanism which is an essential way to extend interior of the building into an adaptive transformable
system without any invasion into existing structure itself.

Other Team Members:

Yulia Karnaukhova, Marcin Kitala

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