Tectonic Articulation

Academic 2014

This project attempts to assemble concert halls into a tower due to the restrictive site. The tower is split into three masses, one for each of the performance spaces, these are located on the periphery and stretch across the full height of the tower. The concert halls themselves are located at different elevations, with the two towers not housing a main program at that level decreasing in size to make room for the third. The division into three towers preserves the identity and autonomous nature of the programs and simplifies orientation for the user. Any program not specific to one of the performance spaces is housed in the void in between these volumes.

The three entities are only partially occupied by the performance program, with additional parts serving only a structural purpose and therefore the surface covering the additional non-program
spaces disintegrates into its pure tectonic form, making it easy to identify the occupied volume. This segmentation is fueled by several inputs gathered through structural analysis. Due to their shifted center of gravity the towers depend on each other for support, the entities have to be reconnected. These connections, in the form of floor slabs,
are automatically generated where
structurally necessary.

Other Team Members:

Saara Koljonen, Marie Drescher